Classroom Information

Student Information Form

Please complete the Student Information Form to help us find more information about your child. This form will automatically be sent to your teacher.

Classroom Supply List

I do encourage you to have all classroom supplies on hand during remote learning.

Items that will NOT be needed until your child is participating in in-person learning include: Facial Tissues, Pocket Folders, and Dry Erase Markers.

Please CLICK HERE for all

Turlington Elementary supply list.

Device Check Out

I encourage all students to check out a device from Waller ISD. Some applications we use may not be available on non Waller ISD devices. Insurance is available to purchase. (highly encouraged)

Exact change or check payable to Waller ISD at the time of pick up. $30 Chromebook | $50 iPad


Log in

A Clever badge (QR Code) will be supplied to all students at device pickup.

Tip: You can tape this code to the front of a notebook that your child uses daily. This will help to prevent the badge from getting lost. Then your child can hold the notebook up to the device camera to scan.

Remote Learning Attendance

● 5 days of attendance (M-F) is required.

● Daily, trackable student attendance/engagement exists to ensure curricular progress in online learning.

● Curricular progress and attendance will be measured through: 1. Completion of live and/or independent lessons (activities, assessments, projects) on a daily basis; 2. Attending live lessons for tutoring, intervention, and/or enrichment; or 3. Daily contact with the teacher.

● Students who have not met at least one of the three requirements above will be marked absent at 3:30 p.m.

● Absences can be resolved if the student engages in daily learning assigned by their teachers by 11:59 p.m. each day.

● Parents and students will receive absence notifications via Skyward after 5 p.m. each day and will be reminded of the opportunity to resolve that day’s absence.

● Assignments will appear in Google Classroom on a daily basis.